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   Vol.16  2012.05.20


1st Turn
2nd Turn
Tetsuto Fujisawa
1st Turn
1.Routed / VLAD CAIA
2.Draw Me In / Tom Demac
3.Ruler / Sasch Bbc & Caspar
4.Nachtzug / Goldwill
5.Dusty House / Nic Fanciulli
6.I Throw Water Into The Lake / Ricardo Villalobos
- Los Updates Anthony Collins Dupa Joi / Noidoi
7.Fistbump / Daniel Mehlhart
2nd Turn
1.Nic Fanciulli / Caller ID
2.Nikola Gala / Jc A.S.S.
3.I Love You / Adam Port
4.Woman / Woody Felipe Valenzuela Dani Casarano
- Let No Man Put Asunder / Mary J. Blige
5.Dreaming / Loleatta Holloway
6.That's the way love is / Ten City
7.Everybody Got Their Something / Nica Costa

1st Turn
1.Mary Wana / The Nicotines
2.Love me / Lifeball
3.moonlight samba(audiomusica N°7remix) / The Herz
4.It`s Your Birthday / Playa
5.El Diablo / Crazy ken Band
6.しらけちまうぜ / 小坂 忠
7.Stepping into my life / Soul Mission
8.Legalman / Belle and Sebastian
9.Kidz next skaaa / Oi-Skall mates
10.That`s Why I Came To California / Leon Ware
11.The lady is latin / Gary criss
12.Skindo-le-le / 阿川泰子
13.the love you save / Sunaga`t Experience
14.Crystal City / Nona Reeves
2nd Turn
1.Papa`s private beach / Fuzita Blender
2.In your underwear / Fox`n wolf
3.Silly Love Song Loop Da Loop mix / Paul McCartney & Wings
4.Moshi Moshi / Corduroy
5.マテリアルガール / Speena
6.September 99 Phats&Small Remix / Earth Wind & Fire
7.If you were there / The Isley Brothers
8.Down in a Brazil / Michael Franks
9.You are the sunshine of life / The Singers Unlimited
10.Only You / Superchange
11.One Fine Morning / Lighthouse
12.Ch Check it out / Beastie Boys
13.Fight for your light / Beastie Boys
B to B
I want you back / Frontier Backyard
1st Turn
1.Taking Your Sleep (Remix) / The Romantics
2.Teenage Color (Anoraak Remix) / Anoraak,that i'm with featuring ian james whitelaw / Phonique
4.Sunlight / Bagraidars
5.Fantasy / Panama Format
6.Intension / The Whitest Boys Alive
7.On My Way / Giovanca
8.Capusule / Le Salon
9.Loulou Le Pomeranian / Stephan Pompougnac
10.Sing Sing Sing / Benny Goodman
11.Baby Please / Walter Meego
2nd Turn
1.reborn (Remix) / Anoraak
2.Spell (Alternative ver) / LAMA
3.Sunday Night Fever / Anoraak
4.Never / Orbital
5.Beach / Orbital
6.Flux / VCMG
7.Blue Monday / New Order
8.Zaat / VCMG
9.Hello (Michael Woods Remix) / Martin Solveig & Dragonette
10.Precious / Cable and Cable
11.Flash Back Disco / Denki Groove
B to B
Daft Boys / Daft Punk vs Beastie Boys
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